Vincent Federici

The Jean Genie
Tribute to David Bowie Country

Western Style

Serve the Servants
Nirvana redone as Country Western

Lonely Nights
Slow burn Country Western

Latest Songs

Howdy Doo

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I am a Philadelphia guitarist and have been fortunate enough to play a wide range of styles with so many wonderful musicians. My favorite part? I get to transform into different characters. I get to dress differently and take on the vibe of whatever music that I get to play. This site is an attempt to illustrate that. Above, you will see 3 links. They are a page to each character I get to play. 

Inside each page you will find the original music i am involved with, as well as the cover songs that I play to reflect each genre. I play acoustic shows around Philly, New York, and the Jersey shore. So take a listen; I'll be uploading videos of my cover set each week.