I'm passionate about making music.

I'm excited to be on the release of 2 new albums of music!


For the past year I have been working with a Country Western band and a Rock & Roll band. Both groups went into the studio to record and we're happy to announce that they are going to be released! So check out Grady Hoss & the Sidewinders and OOLALA. 


I played in a cover band for 3 years. It got rough in the end but I think playing 12 hours of live music per week is an overall good experience.

I've played in the studio on 9 full length albums and 6 EP's. The genres are Soul, R&B, Funk, Rock, Folk, Pop, Alternative, and Country Western.

I am working at the Kimmel Center writing songs to create a show for SEI Innovation Studios. 

I have taught groups and individuals ranging from 7 years old to 60 years old both privately and in school. 


Performing, Singing, Arranging, Mixing, Recording, Writing, Teaching. 

I'm a Song Doula.  What is that exactly? Well, it turns out that I'm great to have around for the process of writing songs because I am listening for something that others don't pay much attention to. So when the writing process gets rough, I can move it forward and break through the stress. 

I can say humbly and without ego that I'm not your average musician. I had no formal musical training until I went to music college. I just always had a natural drive toward playing music. I think this comes from my family history as musicians and luthiers. I think there is also an oddity in how my family perceives sound. For example, my grandfather tuned accordions before WWII but wasn't really a fan of music. I guess sound could bother him. 


My entrance into music came from a defiance of what I was surrounded by growing up. I couldn't stand a lot of the music my peers were listening to and I decided that I could do it better if I tried hard enough. 


"The chuga-chuga Johnny Cash-like beats from Heim’s drums and O’Neil’s electric bass built a strong template. Federici’s guitar licks ignited and pushed. And guest pedal steel guitarist Dave Van Allen’s poignant statements were as Nashville as you can get." yeahanotherblogger


What I'm doing now.

About Me

Vincent Federici

Making the doughnuts.


Don't think that I'm confined to just performing. I have had the great fortune of working with some of the finest songwriters in Philadelphia for the past eight years with the best private instructors and through The University of the Arts. I'm always available for original, commissioned compositions.